Countdown to Decryption

Countdown to Decryption



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Book Title Countdown to Decryption
Author DC Palter
Type Print Book


Ted Hara discovers the plans for a terrorist attack but the file is locked with a password.

When Ted hacks into the email of a murdered friend, he's shocked by what he finds—the last email she opened before she was killed warned of a terrorist plot. But without her password, Ted is unable to open the document containing the attack plans.

The murdered woman, Joy Miyazaki, is the daughter of the congressman from Silicon Valley. Although the police believe her murder is a home invasion robbery gone awry, Ted is certain her death is connected to the terrorist warning. But when Ted alerts the police to the evidence he uncovered, they accuse him of murdering Joy and planting the file himself.

With the FBI unable to decrypt the document, Ted enlists millions of people around the world in a crowdsourced effort to crack the password. While his software churns through billions of possible passwords in a race against time, a pair of Joy's colleagues intimate that Joy's boyfriend may be one of the terrorists. But as Ted unravels the truth about this mysterious pair, it sets in motion a fight that could shake the American government to its core while placing Ted's life in danger.

The clock is ticking. Can Ted decrypt the file and stop the attack before the bombs begin exploding?