Senior Staff

Zara Kramer

Zara Kramer is the kind of person who can't sit still. She has spent her entire life being a trend-setter, and business is no exception to that. Working first in marketing for a Fortune 100 Defense Contractor, she made the jump to entrepreneurship where she would remain for the rest of her career. She founded a successful marketing and advertising agency, the first in the Southwest United States to serve only technology clients. Next up was a global management consultancy firm where Zara focused on improving operational efficiencies in multiple industries, including architecture and publishing. In order to fulfill her passion for being a disruptor and setting the example, rather than simply blending into the crowd, Zara entered the independent fiction publishing world and created Pandamoon Publishing.

At Pandamoon, Zara has found her passion, her joy, and her bliss. She believes that today’s publishing company should be built upon the spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and compassion. She leads the company with the heart of a servant leader, expressing gratitude daily for the opportunity to make dreams come true for talented writers to become successful published authors and those desiring to work in the industry to do so with a company that provides the resources, support, and training they need to succeed in their careers.

"Of all the amazing professional opportunities I’ve had in my life, the one that I enjoy the most is Pandamoon. The work itself is fun and fulfilling, but it’s really the people I am fortunate to call my Pandas that make it so worthwhile. Simply put, I love my Pandas. I love Pandamoon. I love what I do. There’s nothing I've ever done where I’ve enjoyed my days this much, this consistently. Pandamoon has given me the opportunity to work with some of the greatest people I have ever met and the icing on the cake is that they have become family. Being a Panda is a way of life for me and for all of us at Pandamoon. I am truly blessed and thank everyone who works hard to allow us to do everyday something we all love so much.”
Allan Kramer
Director of Operations

Allan Kramer has enjoyed a long and storied career in the technology sector. Finding his love of aviation in the U. S. Air Force, Allan spent the next few decades for Fortune 100+ aviation, aeronautics, and defense contracting companies. Climbing the corporate ladder, Allan started as an engineer, journeying from there to head sales and marketing departments, and then moving to operations where he rose to the rank of CEO. Allan has successfully navigated and conquered every job bestowed upon him without fail. When you want a company to succeed, Allan is the person you call upon to do the job.

These days, Allan is an angel investor in Pandamoon. As his knowledge of the company and the atypical publishing industry grew, so did his interest in being a part of the publishing revolution that Pandamoon started. He has transitioned from being on Pandamoon’s Advisory Board to leading day-to-day operations for the company, where his valuable experience in lean manufacturing processes guides development of a strong infrastructure upon which the company is built and now thrives.

"When I realized the potential impact of Pandamoon on both a social and a financial level, it became clear that this company was worth investing in. I've always enjoyed rooting for disruptors who change an industry and flip it upside down. Pandamoon has allowed me the opportunity to lend my lifetime's expertise towards reinventing the way book publishing is handled."
Rachel Schoenbauer
Editorial Director

Rachel is an avid reader, a sometimes writer and knitter, a cat owner who loves tabletop games, and a denizen of the internet since before usernames could be customized when signing onto dialup. She currently lives in Los Angeles and is in an ongoing war to keep her tea from taking over her cupboards.

She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of the Arts in Theatre. After working for several years in the software industry, she transitioned into a life as a freelance editor. Her diverse background includes stage management for the performing arts, software test development and engineering, and marketing and operations in both theatre and small business.

"I believe very strongly that a publishing company is there to support the author, to grow their career, and contribute to the writing community."
Elgon Williams
Director of Sales and Marketing
Elgon is an original, the one and only person on the planet currently using the name. However, there is a namesake mountain in Africa and a company in Italy. He is a doorstep baby, according to his older sisters - a half breed alien. Unfortunately he has no special powers other than writing sci-fi and fantasy. He dabbles in other genres, from time to time. He is a graduate of Purdue University where he studied Mass Communication and The University of Texas at Austin where he studied Marketing. He also holds a degree in Chinese Mandarin, of all things, and lived for a couple of years during the glorious 80’s on the other side of the planet. Originally from Ohio, he currently lives in Central Florida and serves as Pandamoon's Director of Sales and Marketing.
"I love working with others and helping them realize their potential. I believe everyone can be successful in achieving their dreams but it takes a community of support to get there. Pandamoon Publishing provides that kind of community."
Cheri Champagne
Acquisitions Manager

Cheri started with the Acquisitions Team as an eager volunteer reading submissions. She has been reading novels since she was a pre-teen, and has since developed a passion for the written word. Years of Creative Writing and English Literature courses flamed her love of books until she sought a career in the publishing world.

Cheri graduated with honours in the Applied Business Technology program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and worked up the proverbial ladder where she worked in a window manufacturing company. Since her first child was born, nearly eight years ago, she has been a stay at home mom. She lives in BC, Canada, with her four young children, her husband, and their dog.

People say that you cannot choose your family, but with Pandamoon, I believe that I have. They are a group of kind, welcoming, wonderful people, and working for them makes every day a joy. They’re a great company with innovative ideas, that I am proud to be a part of."
Christine Gabriel
Marketing Communications and Publicity Manager
Christine is a ninja hobbit that lives on the edge of reality. Not only is she Superwoman, but she’s also a Marketing Communications and Publicity Manager, TV Content Creator, Best Selling, Two-Time Award Nominated Author, and Super Mom to four amazing kids. Everything about Christine may seem tiny, from her size to the small farming village of Monroeville, Ohio where she grew up, but her heart is big and helping people accomplish their dreams is her ultimate goal. She loves her Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Sports Teams more than a fresh Krispy Kreme straight off the line.
"Steve Jobs once said, 'The only way to do great work, is to love what you do.' If you’re not excited to get up every single morning, to do something you love, then you’re not in the right field of work. Choosing Pandamoon Publishing was an easy choice. After seeing their marketing structure and how they continuously strive for excellence, I knew I had found the right job to call my home. Being able to help an author achieve success is one of the most fulfilling feelings, and luckily I get to do it here, amongst some of the most amazing, like-minded people who only want every success in the world for the people they love do great work for."


Forrest Driskel
Editorial Coordinator
Forrest’s love of reading began as a small child and grew into a love of writing and reshaping ideas. She double majored in Philosophy and Creative Writing at the University of Arizona and received a Juris Doctor from State University of New York - Buffalo. Her credo for good writing is as follows: mix truth and logic with cup of feeling, three or four vivid scenes and a pinch of wordplay. Embrace the strongest characters and kill the weak one then rewrite at 400° until the story rises and edges are golden. Learn more on her website.
"Pandamoon has an incredible group of people that have really modernized the publishing industry while providing the highest quality of fiction to the public. A reader can be sure that each book that has gone through the tests and trials of Pandamoon’s vetting and editing processes is a book worth reading. I am proud to be a part of such a talented team and doing what I can to let the fire show through the smoke of their authors’ talents."
Sarah Keenan-Kramer
Executive Assistant
Sarah has spent her life learning as much as she possibly can about quite literally every topic she comes in contact with. After attending Southeastern Louisiana University for Graphics Design and Art, she dove nose first into working as an interior design consultant and customer service expert. After helping out with a few start up companies, she eventually found her way to Pandamoon Publishing as an executive assistant directly to the publisher. Here she is tasked with utilizing her unique skillsets to fulfil a wide variety of requirements including web design, graphics design, public relations, business administration, and customer service. If you're looking for a swiss army knife that can and will perform under the toughest of tasks, then you've found your instrument of mass production.
"I joined Pandamoon for one reason and one reason only. I believe in family. When I work here, I don't feel like I am working. I feel like I am helping my family. They aren't coworkers. They aren't just random people. They inspire me, they encourage me, they make me want more out of life. That's why I chose Pandamoon."
Mike Eberhardt
Audiobook Narrator
With more than 25 years in the performing industry, Mike has been all over the world on stage, screen and audio. He uses his stage experience to create memorable characters and dramatic readings that our audiences love to hear. He has performed in several theater shows and six National tours with opera A La Carte. He even played the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera for Holland America Cruise lines. In the voiceover world, Mike has starred in numerous commercials as everything from a boxing ring announcer to a talking trash can! He is eager to continue sharing his performing passion with everyone who loves to hear a dramatic book reading. You can find more of his work on his website.
"I wanted to join a tight knit community of creative people. Artists who enjoy their craft and encourage others to grow and share that special work."
Ashley Hammond
Ashley’s love of all things romance began when she was ten years old and sobbed into her bucket of popcorn while watching Titanic. From there, she began writing fan fiction, and from there, she started writing her own stories. It was during her tenure in higher education where she found that she also enjoyed editing. Working with students on fixing their own stories in turn helped her to write two novels, with a third on the way. When she’s not writing (or editing), she can be found cuddling her puppy Ira and pursuing her MA in English and Creative Writing.
“I love that Pandamoon hosts writers of a wide variety of genres. Publishing can be tricky, and it can be difficult to find a “fit,” but Pandamoon welcomes all writers -- even those who do not fit into a checklist. I’m excited to work with those writers especially, and help them share their stories with the world.”
Heather Stewart
Heather’s love of reading started long ago with the characters of Sweet Valley High and The Babysitter’s Club and then developed into an obsession with science fiction after reading Brave New World in high school. For years, she climbed the corporate ladder, but a community college catalogue caught her eye with a course on novel writing. After taking the course, she discovered that she didn’t just love to read, she was great at helping other writers sharpen their stories into something special.
“Even though books were my heart’s desire, a career in the publishing industry seemed so far away—something that only people in New York City could achieve, not someone living in small-town Western Pennsylvania. Pandamoon Publishing has authors, editors, illustrators, and other staff from across the globe. Their structure allows anyone with a great story the opportunity to become published. This kind of inclusivity is the future of the publishing industry, and Pandamoon is leading the way.”
Jill Crosby
Jill’s love of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi began as a child with her mother’s bedtime stories, which eventually led to her focusing on these genres during her graduate studies at Lamar University. Lamar’s student literary magazine, Pulse, selected her magical realism short story “Siren’s Song” for publication in its Fall 2016 issue. While completing her M.A. in English at LU, Jill worked in the university’s writing center helping all levels of students—and even professors—edit their papers, creative writing projects, and thesis work. While working at LU Literary Press, she discovered she enjoys helping other authors realize their ideas.
"All of us on the Pandamoon team have different perspectives and approaches to achieving a common goal: helping authors tell stories. I’m excited to be working with people who think four of the best words in the English language are ‘Once upon a time.'"
Josephine Hao
After many years of working as a clinical pharmacist, Josephine decided to spend more time with her three very active children. Her love of reading was also rekindled. When some of her book reviews caught the eyes of a couple of self-published authors, she was asked to help edit their work. From there, she has gone on to edit other fiction novels, from YA to epic fantasy. After refining her skills through coursework, Envision Editing was born. When not editing, she writes for Fantasy-Faction, an award-winning fantasy website based in the UK.
“Every author's voice is unique, and I strive to preserve each one’s distinctiveness. Publishing can be an intimidating but exciting venture. I am honored to partner with authors on this journey. Pandamoon Publishing allows each author’s passion and dedication to shine through with each book. It takes a village to raise a child. Your book is your baby, and Pandamoon can be your village people.”
Kathy Davidson
Kathy has been fascinated by the world of books since learning to read, and often was found under the covers with book and a flashlight long past bedtime from an early age. A bonafide grammar nerd, she used her keen editing skills in her professional life as a physiotherapist when developing patient resources and program policy before taking coursework in editing and discovering yet another passion. She is a member of the Editors Association of Canada, and specializes in editing academic writing and literary fiction. She loves to help bring clarity and power to stories and text.
“I was drawn to Pandamoon by their vision for the publishing industry. Working with the Pandamoon team means that all of us (from authors to illustrators to editors) combine forces to bring great writing to a broad audience. We are encouraged to be fully involved in the process from the time a manuscript is submitted to when a book is launched and beyond. Pandamoon has created a culture whereby anyone can contribute to the process, from anywhere in the world. It’s a powerful thing, to be part of the Pandamoon family.”
Rachel Lee Cherry
Rachel's love of books and reading is lifelong. She completed her BA in English with a specialization in Literature because she could spend her days reading and talking about books, and as a copy editor at the university newspaper, she could support herself with her editing skills, too. Rachel's work today as a freelance editor was a natural choice. She is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the American Copy Editors Society, and she reads romance ravenously, along with sci-fi and fantasy and anything else she can get her hands on. See more about Rachel’s work on her website.
“When I first considered working with Pandamoon, I looked first at their book list, and I liked the beauty and the variety of books I saw. Pandamoon is bound together not by a particular kind of book or a particular philosophy but by the personalities of all the people who work together to get books in readers’ hands. Authors who publish with Pandamoon can look forward to being heavily involved at every stage of the publication process, and that’s something you can only find at Pandamoon.”
Saren Richardson
Saren Richardson is an experienced editor and self-described Word Nerd. She received her BA in Writing from The Evergreen State College, and her certification in Editing from The University of Washington. Through her freelancing site, Suture Editing, she specializes in academic editing and speculative fiction. As a lifelong fan of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism, she is an associate member of the Horror Writer’s Association and horror blogger at Splatter Girl. As a former social worker, she is driven by the joy of helping others realize their dreams, and brings this passion into every project she works on.
“The needs of modern readers and authors are rapidly changing, and the publishing industry has been scrambling to keep up. In Pandamoon Publishing, I see an innovative and ethical company on the cusp of a new normal in how authors connect to their readers. This is an incredible group of people who are not afraid to pull up their sleeves and work hard for each other, and I am very excited to join their ranks.”