About Us

Pandamoon Publishing is an independent publishing house in Austin, Texas. We are a royalty-paying, non-subsidy publisher who believes the relationship between the author and the publisher is paramount to success. We are different in that our management team has decades of invaluable experience in publishing and other technology and consumer industries and we bring the best practices of each to the publishing realm.

What is a Pandamoon?

As far as we know, a Pandamoon only exists in our minds. We have big plans for this company and wanted a name and its corresponding imagery to have relevance on a global basis.

​One of the reasons our founder, Zara Kramer, chose “Panda” is because of its immediate recognition factor. We believe that there are not many people on our planet who do not know what a panda looks like. But, it goes much deeper than that. The panda is a gentle animal who serves to entertain and bring joy to people. The panda is also a responsible citizen of the world by eating a diet of highly sustainable bamboo and has an almost zero carbon footprint.

​As for the moon part, it’s a bit of a personal story. We'll let Zara take it from here. "A few years ago, my husband suffered a stroke and it was touch and go for many weeks in the hospital. In an attempt to raise his spirits, I went to the gift shop to see what I could get to brighten up his room. I came across a small picture frame with a message that touched my heart. It said, “Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” I bought that little framed quote and took it to him. It quickly became our mantra as he pulled through and spent months in rehab trying to overcome the resulting paralysis. Two years later, we were at a friend’s house celebrating a birthday. They had a lovely band that played on their patio. My once-paralyzed husband asked me to dance and, as we did, we both looked up at the moon and said a very grateful thank you to it. I want our authors to have that same spirit and belief in their ability. To always be reaching for the moon, knowing that, as their publisher, we will raise them up as high as we possibly can."

​So, to put it all together…a Pandamoon is an entity that serves to entertain and bring joy to its authors and readers in a highly responsible and sustainable way. We stand beside our authors every step of the way, encouraging and supporting them, knowing that they are the most valuable resource our company has.

Pandamoon's Four-Part Philosophy:

Customer Service

Pandamoon Publishing believes that every single interaction with us should be held in a compassionate, caring, and respectful manner.

We also believe that "customer" is not just someone who buys our products, but anyone who is part of our Panda Community, internally and externally. ​

We're always striving to be better, so we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Author Training

All authors who become Pandas are afforded a unique experience within the publishing industry. Because of our staff's extensive background in marketing, sales, and business development, we approach the publishing business very differently than any other publisher out there. We share this valuable knowledge with our authors in no-cost interactive online training sessions.

​ As a new Panda, you will be placed into a group with your fellow Pandas that have been acquired during the same period. Each of these weekly classes are your direct peer group within Pandamoon, and you will be learning all of the above and more with them.

Our goal with this training is to provide the most confident, experienced, and trained authors possible by the time their first Pandamoon book launches. This is the solid foundation upon which their author platform is built and is only available at Pandamoon Publishing.


One of the most important parts of joining Pandamoon, is actually becoming a Panda. But what does that mean? It means that you will be part of a thriving, compassionate, and extremely supportive community both internally and externally.

​ We have spent years building, cultivating, and growing our Panda Family. Because of this, the Pandamoon Community is one of the single most unique and supportive places to be a part of as an author. ​

If you've got #PandaPride and want to be a part of something amazing, be sure to let us know on Twitter @PandamoonPub.


"If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." ​

That is our motto at Pandamoon Publishing. We love what we do so much, that we eat, sleep, and dream publishing. Every day, we wake up thankful that we are granted another day to work with the kind of people that can be found within the Pandamoon Community, and that we are making their life-long goals and dreams come true. ​

If you have the drive, passion, and love for Publishing that we at Pandamoon do, then let us know on Twitter @PandamoonPub with #PandaLove. We'd LOVE to hear from you!

How does Pandamoon compensate its authors?

We cover all the upfront expenses for editing, producing, author marketing training, and creative marketing tools for our author’s books. Rather than giving our authors an advance on future sales, we invest those funds into strategic marketing tools for the book, thus creating a more profitable and long-term success for all of us. We then pay our authors a fair royalty based on gross receipts, right off the top of what we receive from our distributors.

Is an agent required in order to submit a manuscript to Pandamoon?

At Pandamoon, we work directly with authors and we work with authors who have agents. The process is virtually the same to us so it is really a matter of preference for the individual author.

How do I submit my manuscript to you?

It’s really quite easy to do. Take a look at our submission guidelines. If we are currently closed for submissions, then I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter in which we give advance notice to our subscribers of our next open submission window.

What if I have more questions?

Please send us any additional questions or suggestions you have.