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CRIMSON MOON: Book 2 in The Crimson Chronicles
Upon the Crimson Moon, you can expect great strife to follow… After Angelina survives her nightmarish journey into the Crimson...
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CRYBABY LANE: Book 2 in The New Royal Mysteries
Sometimes the difference between trash and treasure is a matter of life and death Welcome back to New Royal, Ohio,...
EVERLY: Book 1 in the Everly Series
Madison Rosewood on her 18th birthday is about to graduate and head off toward a big, bright future that any...
FATE’S PAST is the story of a couple, Cameron Harrison and Carrie Fields. While driving in rural Louisiana, Cameron and...
FIND ME IN FLORENCE: Book 1 in the Love, Italy Series
Apply DEE20 for 20% Off Any Jule Selbo Novel + FREESHIP in US Survival means finding the courage to dig deep...
FRIED WINDOWS (IN A LIGHT WHITE SAUCE): Book 1 in the Fried Windows Series
Leave your world behind and enter an adventure forever lost but never forgotten. Where only magic is real, and anything...
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On a wall of graffiti, blood splatter gets lost... Graffiti Creek--with its shadowed canopy of trees and evidence-destroying stream and...
HOMER UNDERBY: Book 2 in The Thuperman Trilogy
Why is the black van still following Will and Sandra? Something is wrong in Normal. The perfect summer of being...
Nobody knows your DNA like your government. Routine DNA scans flag individuals with genetic mutations. To systematically purge humanity of...
Small towns can have big secrets; this one’s a killer. Ten years after Elyse Benson’s father and younger sister are...
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Detective Luke Graham was once a highly decorated top cop. When his father, also a police detective, is gunned down...
Religious freedom has been stripped from Americans through the Religious Uniformity Act. Kricket Foster is a second-generation fighter in the...