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MADE SAFE: Book 1 in The Moses Winter Mysteries
For Private Investigator, Moses Winter, the job just got more complicated. His adultery case has taken a violent turn landing...
MAGEHUNTER: Book 1 in the Magehunter Series
In a world where Magehunters track and kill rogue mages, the lives of those who can manipulate the Power are...
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MARKETING FOR FREELANCE WRITERS outlines how to set up systems for communicating the benefits of working with a service-based proprietor....
There’s a thin line of desperation between fame and infamy, where being a number turns deadly. Tired of never achieving...
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MURDER AT FIRST PITCH: Book 1 in the Ballpark Mysteries
32-year-old Madeline Boucher’s Grandfather instilled a love in the Boston Red Sox into her from an early age and increased...
NINJA BREAD CASTLES: Book 2 in the Fried Windows Series
If you fall through a window, either you shatter it, or it shatters you. Regardless, it’s always a bad choice. Though...
Cass Blankenship was just released after spending ten years in prison for a murder she didn’t commit. All she really...
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PHAETHON: Book 1 in the Phaethon Series
Hackers, fae, and a new breed of corporate greed battle over the future of the human race. Hacker couple Jack...
PHANTASMA: Book 3 in Phaethon Series
Hackers, Faeries, Nefarious Cloven-Hooved Bimbos Jack and Rosie need a vacation. They’ve spent years fighting the malicious fae, befriending the...
PHAROS: Book 2 in the Phaethon Series
Jack and Rosie tried to return to their normal hacker lives after encountering the metal fae, but now people are...
PRIESTHUNTER: Book 2 in the Magehunter Series
The Magehunters are no more, pulled down by the efforts of Jace and his Disciples of Arn. However, there is...
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