Jason Huebinger

Jason Huebinger

Outside of his family, Jason Huebinger has two great loves in life—the law and writing.  And he has been blessed with incredible opportunities in both areas.

Jason grew up in McAllen, Texas, right near the border of Mexico. As a freshman in high school, he wrote short stories for extra credit and just never stopped writing. He has two brilliant younger brothers—one is currently a medical resident at Northwestern University, and the other is in high school and hopes to be an Indian Chief when he grows up (and Jason hopes at least a few people will understand that joke). 

Jason is a proud alum and rabid fan of Texas A&M and Notre Dame, and he scares his dog whenever he roots for either. He has a beautiful wife, Yasmin, whose only flaw is that she is a LSU fan. By day, Jason is a lawyer who specializes in labor and employment litigation. 

Jason’s biggest writing influences are John Irving and Stephen King, and he tries to incorporate elements of both into whatever he writes. His debut novel, FATE’S PAST, is a supernatural horror work which explores how we deal with and overcome our regrets. Readers can expect Jason’s future novels to also deal with the concepts of destiny, regret, and how the past affects every aspect of our present and future. 

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FATE’S PAST is the story of a couple, Cameron Harrison and Carrie Fields. While driving in rural Louisiana, Cameron and...