Sherrie Orvik

Sherrie Orvik

Sherrie was born and raised in the heart of the beautiful Inland Northwest. She has two grown children she loves spending time and traveling with.

As life often does, it threw a curve ball, and after a 26 year marriage, she found herself single and starting over, and that taught her a couple of important lessons: 1) Sometimes you don’t realize how heavy a burden is until you set it down, and 2) Life is a beautiful adventure, and every stage of it has something amazing to offer, even the stages you didn’t plan. Sometimes, letting go of the familiar opens your hands and heart to accept the amazing!

Getting out of her comfort zone pushed her to strive toward her dream of being published, and also pushed her to start doing more new things.

Sherrie would much rather do things than have things. She’s traveled a lot recently, and plans to do a lot more traveling in the future. She believes the world is full of amazing things to see and people to meet! She loves writing, reading, music, chocolate, coffee, Disneyland, all things Italian, football, and driving her Mustang convertible. Go Seahawks!

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